The Hardwood Guy, LLC is a member of, and will adhere to the guidelines set forth by The National Wood Flooring Association.

All floors installed and/or finished by The Hardwood Guy, LLC include a 1-year limited warranty on product and craftsmanship.  This warranty covers only those products and services supplied by
The Hardwood Guy, LLC.

This warranty does not include uncontrollable variances (i.e. expansion/contraction due to the amount of humidity/moisture, etc.), dents in flooring (i.e. damage caused by refrigerator/appliance/furniture movement, high-heeled shoes, unprotected chair legs, etc), scratches (i.e. pet nails, sliding boxes during move-in, sliding furniture, etc.)

The Hardwood Guy, LLC will provide a lifetime support policy.  If any issues and/or questions arise with the hardwood flooring they have installed and/or finished, you can contact The Hardwood Guy, LLC for advice, evaluation, and/or resolution.

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